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8 Travel Hacks to Enhance Your Holiday!

1. First served.

Request for special meals on your flight (i.e. gluten free or vegetarian).  Ditch the microwave eggs for some REAL food, and you will also get your food first on the plane!


2. Room for more.

Love to shop for unique and cool new clothes?  Take old clothes you’re happy to part with for new ones to take place.


3. Long live the battery!

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Holla for Fifty Dollar! i.e. win $50, no joke!

GuideBuddies is excited to announce its first competition!

We are offering $50 to a lucky user who registers as a Traveler.  We're looking forward to offering more people our service as our initial feedback has been positive!  GuideBuddies co-founder and Marketing Manager Katie Lee says: "this will give us a chance to expand and improve our platform while also giving a little cash to one lucky Traveler!"

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7 Reasons You Need a GB Guide For Your Next Vacation!


1.          Meet new people.

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