About GuideBuddies

Founded by lovers of world travel, GuideBuddies was born with a mission to change the way people travel as 'tourists'. After reflecting on their global travels, the creators of GuideBuddies reminisced about times when their adventures were enhanced by real local knowledge. Whether it be a friend, stranger in the street, or a quirky shop owner - the tips and tricks of locals in a foreign city proved more valuable than any outdated tourist guide they had.

With an aim to make local knowledge more accessible, and turn 'tourists’ into Travelers, the GB team put their heads together, and GuideBuddies was born!

GuideBuddies is a personalized tour service that connects Travelers with local Guides across the globe. Travelers connect with like-minded people in worldwide destinations, and be guided by the expert local knowledge of their city. At last, your vacation is in your hands! You tell your Guide what you want to see and do and they will create the perfect local experience for you!

Don't be a tourist, be a Traveler!

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