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Age 66
Gender Male
Interests History, Culture, Natural & Built Environment, Sport, Food and Pubs
Primary Language English (UK)
City of Residence Sydney
Hometown / Place of Birth Sydney

About Me

Hello Tourists and Travellers,

My name is Larry and I would love to show you the many historic and cultural sites Sydney has to offer not to mention our fantastic coffee spots, pubs and restaurants.

I can show you the essential to see parts of central Sydney including our beautiful harbour via its extensive ferry system.

I can share with you the richness of our inner west, eastern and northern suburbs and our central business district. In fact, I can tailor virtually any tour experience you are interested in.

A Sydney-sider my whole life I now live in our cosmopolitan and exciting inner west area close to our world famous harbour.

I am a former mayor of Leichhardt in the inner west of Sydney (and the subject of the award winning documentary on Leichhardt Council - Rats in the Ranks) and there are few people who know this wonderful city better than me.

I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and helping them to appreciate the natural and built beauty of our great city.

About the Tours

My tours take in the must sees of Sydney city itself with its great architecture and colonial history; the eastern suburbs with their vibrant beach culture and food scene; the inner west with its extraordinary diversity of cafes, pubs and shops set against a backdrop of its working class history and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the green and serene northern suburbs.
I am happy to tailor tours to suit your interests and offer a flexible approach to any tour itinerary.

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Historic & Cultural Sites of Sydney and its Harbour

from $100


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