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Age 46
Gender Female
Interests Archaeology, history, culture.
Primary Language English
City of Residence Melbourne
Hometown / Place of Birth Melbourne

About Me

Hi Travellers and welcome to Melbourne!

My name is Vicki and I have a passion for Melbourne’s history!

I’d love to show you the most interesting places, share the most fascinating stories and really bring our past to life for you during your visit to our wonderful city.

My tours are not the usual ‘This building was constructed in 1956. The architect was….YAWN’ boring type tours.

What makes my tours unique?

Research: I have a postgrad degree in archaeology and historical research experience and have excavated in city and suburbs, as well as in Tasmania and even overseas. I have looked into each place and found the most intriguing facts to share with you.

Insight: The places we visit were not constructed in a vacuum; they tell us something about Melbourne’s society and customs. The people who built and used each site will be brought to life through fascinating (and often humorous) anecdotes. We will look at how archaeology can add a unique perspective to the history of each place we visit.

If you love history as much as I do, I think you’ll enjoy my tours.

About the Tours

I can offer you the following exciting walks around Melbourne:

1/ Marvellous Melbourne in the 1880s: The City’s Golden Age which includes Melbourne’s glorious gold rush era buildings such as the Royal Exhibition Building, Windsor Hotel, Parliament and Treasury and Melbourne’s theatre district all the way down to the Royal and Block Arcade’s.

2/ The Archaeology of Chinatown: The Chinese in Melbourne, which includes Little Bourke Street and the Chinese Museum.

3/ Art Déco Melbourne: The City Between the Wars, which includes Melbourne’s iconic art deco buildings such as the Manchester United and Nicholas Buildings as well as lesser known art deco treasures hidden in Melbourne’s laneways.

All tours may be conducted over 3 hours (including a coffee break at your expense), 1.5 hours without coffee break or 1 hour, which covers the highlights only. You choose how long you'd like.

The tour times are from 10am to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm for the 3 hour tour, with shorter tours beginning and ending within those hours (to be negotiated with you).

Three hour tours are $59 per person. 1.5 hours are $39 per person and 1 hour is $20 per person.

Option 1

The Archaeology of Chinatown: The Chinese in Melbourne, which includes Little Bourke Street and the Chinese Museum

from $20


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