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Age 42
Gender Male
Interests Photography, travel, hiking, camping, outdoor adventures, health, sport, AFL, fitness, raw or organic food., music, live music,
Primary Language English
City of Residence sydney
Hometown / Place of Birth sydney

About Me

Indigo Photography is owned by Norman Herfurth. Two of my greatest passions in life are travel and photography. My work is the journey between looking and walking. The process of walking within the landscape gives me the energy to create the images. For me the journey is important, without the journey the images don't exist. Specialising in Surfing, Seascapes, Landscapes, Nature and Entertainment. I have found a way to play with the endless qualities and combinations of light and water and this has led me to fulfill my other great passion, Travel. I love the outdoors, My Philosophy is laid back and very simple "Have camera, will travel". Iam a relaxed open mined person One of my other passions is hiking in the great outdoors - i get quite excited when iam leading a group of like mnded people, i like to do day hikes/ camps in the local sydney area and further afield... i have completed several Oxfam Trailwalker 100km events - The power in you to push your boundaries

About the Tours

My Tours are designed to explore and have fun meeting like minded people in the process... Iam a happy fun loving person that likes to transfer that to people that are around....

We will meet at a nominated location and while discovering about the place at hand we will be outthere to have out own little adventure.

weather that be the:

City beaches
City Highlights
Blue Mountains
or further afield (EG Warrumbungles) - Newcastle Port Stephens.
NSW Snowy Mountains ( for hiking/ camping/ photography)

this is the real Australia - Lets explore it.......

As iam a passionate photographer that loves the natural world and camping/ hiking, i will only be too happy to

set up a tour: for you.....

Option 1

Night Photograohy Tour - Sydney Highlights

from $80
Option 2

City and Harbour Highlights Tour

from $60
Option 3

Blue Mountains - One Day Photography Tour

from $150


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