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Age 33
Gender Male
Interests Music, Film, Travel, Sports, Photography
Primary Language English
Other Languages German
City of Residence Sydney (Australia)
Hometown / Place of Birth Augsburg

About Me

G´Day Mate, my name is Chris and I can show you Sydney like a true local. I am living here since a long time and I have seen a lot of places. I am passionate to show you this great city and I can also help you with a lot of questions during the tour (e.g. where can you get the best Sushi? How can I save money on transport? Which beach is the best for surfing? Where are great places for afternoon tea?)

About the Tours

The tours are all designed to match everyone. There is no rush in walking speed and always time for a break, a chat and plenty of photographs. The duration of the tours is approx. 60 minutes and the distance is less than 5 kilometer. During summer it is recommended to bring a hat or an umbrella. During winter it is a great idea to have warm clothes and a scarf due to the fresh ocean breeze at Circular Quay. If there are any questions feel free to text me in advance. I am looking forward to show you this great city and you will soon become a true Sydneysider as well.

Option 1

The heart of the city

from $49
Option 2

Shopping like a local

from $49
Option 3

From Harbour to Harbour

from $49
Option 4

The Northern Side of Sydney

from $49


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