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Age 27
Gender Male
Interests surfing, hiking, exploring, camping, music
Primary Language English
City of Residence Gold Coast
Hometown / Place of Birth Gold Coast

About Me


I have lived on the Gold Coast for 18 years. Growing up here has been a dream and with each day my love grows stronger for this amazing part of Australia. Showing travellers what this place truly has to offer is a rewarding experience for me and you. Secret Waterfalls, uncrowded pristine beaches, world class surf breaks and rainforest hikes are just some of the things I would love to show you.

I am 22 years old and done my fair share of travelling since leaving school. I have travelled to Europe, Asia, USA, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and in all the places I went where I got shown around by a local it was a raw and unforgettable experience.

Let me show you round the Gold Coast without feeling like a tourist and give you a unique perspective on what really goes on in these parts.

Check out my photo blog to see what I get up to :)

About the Tours

Whatever you're into I will draw up a plan to make the most of your time here on the gold coast.

Option 1

Rainforest Adventure

from $20
Option 2

Uncrowded Beach/Surf Trip

from $20


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