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Age 27
Gender Female
City of Residence Cairns

About Me

Hey, I'm Jenna. I'm a eccentric visual arts student, fashion designer, creative & musician living in Cairns QLD. I enjoy visual culture, vegan dining, coffee, history, vintage fashion and op shopping. I have 13 pet Rats & LOVE animals. My partner is a slam poet, writer and fluent Japanese speaker. We enjoy nerdy game nights, informal dinner parties and we're involved in a variety of alternative sub-cultures.

About the Tours

Package 1 - Vintage Cairns - $39 pp - 3hours - minimum 2 people -
This package offers a personalised guide through the vintage/retro shopping hot spots throughout cairns city, including a optional coffee stop at one of Cairn\\\'s most popular coffee shops. This tour involves walking through Cairns CBD so moderate fitness is required.

Package 2 - Alternative Arts Morning Tour - $39 pp - 3hours - minimum 2 people -
This package offers a unique guide to some of Cairn\\\'s underground and emerging artist spaces, galleries and community hubs. As well as giving guests a personalised insight to public art spots, street art and co-operatives. This walking tour takes guests through Cairns\\\' central CBD and out to the Northern end of the CBD via the stunning esplanade boardwalk - a public art hotspot. Moderate fitness is required.

Package 3 - BIG ARTS TOUR - $59pp - 4hours - maximum 4 people -
This package not only takes guests through a series of emerging artist spaces, street art locations and public art spots, but also includes entry to the Regional gallery and other professional gallery spaces throughout the Cairns CBD. This is a walking tour through the Cairns CBD area so moderate fitness is required.

Package 4 - The Vegan Tour - $30pp - 1.5hours - maximum 5 people-
This package offers a local vegan insight into where you can eat, shop and relax through out the CBD. Guiding you through some favorite coffee stops, dining recommendations, ethically sourced produce retailers and organic store holders. Giving you an informative guide to make your stay in cairns is easy and enjoyable.

Package 5 - Handmade Cairns - $39pp - 3hours - 2 people minimum-
This package offers a designer\'s insight into co-operative spaces, handmade retail outlets and emerging art and fashion spaces throughout the Cairns CBD. This is a walking tour so moderate fitness is required

Option 1

Vintage Cairns

from $39
Option 2

Alternative Arts Morning Tour

from $39
Option 3

BIG Arts Tour

from $59
Option 4

The Vegan Tour

from $30
Option 5

Handmade Cairns Tour

from $39


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