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Age 29
Gender Male
Interests Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Coffee, Food, Live Music, Bars
Primary Language English
City of Residence Brisbane
Hometown / Place of Birth Brisbane

About Me

Hi Travelers! My name is Harry and I will be able to show you some cool local places to visit in Brisbane and Noosa. I have lived overseas for 4 years and done plenty of travelling so I know how important it is to find unique and interesting things to do wherever you go!

I love sport, live music and bars, and I'm a bit of a foodie. I hope I can make your visit a little more memorable!

About the Tours

I have lived in and know both Brisbane and Noosa very well and will be able to show you some cool local hangouts. I love going out to eat, especially breakfast, and can show you the best places to dine for any price or cuisine. I play a lot of sport, mostly tennis, soccer and basketball. I was a division 1 college tennis player in the United States, so if you would like a hit or even a lesson then let's get a court!

Check out my packages, let me know what you want to do, and we can negotiate a price that suits you!

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Brisbane Foodie

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Tennis Time

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30 Nov 2016